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building safer more highly skilled professional pilots, one at a time.

The Airplane Co.

The Airplane Co. is a group of highly experienced and dedicated professional aviators that come from naval, commerical airline, and competitive (precision) aerobatic backgrounds. We’re located at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport (KSFB), a 20 minute drive north of the FlightSafety International and SimCom training centers in Orlando Florida (KMCO). We work along side our clients recurrent pilot training schedule to deliver real world upset recovery  training (also know as unusual attitude training) to individual and corporate pilots of all aircraft types. Each training curriculum offered exceeds the requirements of FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 61-137 for single pilot aircraft training and can often be completed in as little as two days. The  pace however is entirely up to you.

Aerobatic Flight

Being experts in the field of aerobatic flight, The Airplane Co. proudly offers aerobatic thrill rides and instruction on a space available basis. If you are looking to experience the thrill of high performance aerobatic flight look no further. Strap into the front seat of one of our new unlimited class aerobatic machines with our expert instructors and take the controls for yourself as you loop, roll, and tumble through the blue Florida sky.

Upset Recovery Training 

The Airplane Co. specifically concentrates on providing advanced upset recovery (unusual attitude) and spin training for individual pilots, FAA Part 141 flight schools, and corporate flight departments. The vast majority of our students come to us from corporate flight departments and comercial airlines that utilize our training both at the direct entry and ab initio level. Our courses have developed from fifteen years of direct consultation with training departments of these airlines and with our training partners from Delta Connection and FlightSafety International. With experience and careful observation of trainee progress (both ab initio and ATP) we have developed the most effective (in terms of both cost and time) upset recovery course material available. In order to improve training standardization for our airline clients we follow the guidance of the FAA Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid.

Mitigating loss of control in-flight is not just about stick and rudder skills. It’s also about a mental preparedness and situational awareness. Being ahead of your aircraft and knowing what to look and listen for should aircraft upset and loss of control be unavoidable. When such a situation arrises, that’s when your rote skills of how to properly react and recover must take over instantly, commandingly, and confidently in order to have successful outcome.

We are happy to serve the needs of our customers. If you have any questions or comments as to how we can help you as an individual pilot or flight department, please use the “contact us” page and send an inquiry.

Aerobatic Instruction

Our instructors have amassed more than thirty trophies and medals at IAC competitions throughout the United States including three-time Southeast Aerobatic Champion. The same precision techniques mastered by our instructor team can be passed on to you as develop your own style and passion for precision aerobatic flight.

Air Shows + Private Hangar Parties

Are you looking to host a unique private event for your guests and colleagues? The Airplane Co. has over 5000 feet of open floor space under the backdrop of a 1940s hangar. Entertain your guests with a private air show, airplane rides, and the most deliciously unique menu in the city. Stop by and check it out for yourself. We will help you create an event your guests will never forget.

Hurricane IRMA

What a disaster. We thought we had escaped fairly unscathed in Central Florida with damaged but still standing homes and a flooded hangar. After the storm passed and the hangar dried out, cleanup began. However over subsequent weeks waters rose again and we were left with a flooded business again and lots of clean up and even more deal. Our apology to our upset recovery customers that have been adversely affected with our schedule changes and delays as we make repairs to our hangar and offices.