Aerobatic Thrill Ride

Be the pilot and take the controls of a 300hp air machine for the ride of a lifetime. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Experience the thrill and excitement of aerobatic flight high over Central Florida as you loop, roll, and tumble through the sky. Fly aerobatic maneuvers yourself and feel the power of an unlimited aerobatic aircraft, the Extra 300L/LP.

First and foremost, expect to have fun. This is the only reason to take on such an adventure. You the passenger are in charge. You will design the flight, and if you wish you will do the flying too, even if you’re not a pilot. We will guide you every step of the way. It’s fun and it’s easy so don’t stress.

After scheduling your flight think about what it is you want to do. Perhaps you wish to fly upside down and loop and roll through the clouds. Or maybe you’re the ultimate thrill seeker and wish to have a truly unlimited aerobatic experience and tumble through the sky in the ultimate flying machine. It’s entirely up to you. If you can’t make up your mind don’t worry. Our instructors can help you figure out what will make you happy during your preflight briefing at our hangar.

We created this short video to help raise money for a Central Florida Charity, New Hope for Kids. Attendees where most generous and opened their wallets to the tune of several thousand dollars for a single flight. We look forward to helping participants part with their cash for a good cause again in the near future.
This video shows examples of tumbling and sliding which are part of our “unlimited” flight package.

On the day of your flight it’s time to get excited as this will be an experience you will never forget. For all passengers we recommend eating a light healthy breakfast or lunch two or more hours before your flight. This will keep your body healthy, awake, and ready to take in all the fun. Dress comfortably. This is an outdoor activity so plan on spending a little time in the Florida sunshine. You will be wearing a parachute while in your pilots seat (for all aerobatic rides) so long dresses and skirts are not recommended. Tennis shoes are a good idea but not necessary, although loose sandals will come off your feet during aerobatic flight and therefore be left back in the hangar. If you have selected an aerobatic flight be ready for some new sensations. Aerobatics are a lot like being on a really big roller coaster. You can expect to feel a few “G’s” or increased gravity. This will make your body feel heavier normal. The average flight will experience approximately 3.5g’s or three times the earth’s gravity, but don’t let this concern you. The view is so spectacular you’ll have little time to notice the g’s or the really big grin on your face. If you really want to push it and feel more g-force it’s no problem. Just tell your pilot to kick it up a little. You can experience as much or as little g-force as you like. Don’t forget that you will have the chance to take the controls and feel what it’s like to maneuver an unlimited aerobatic airplane through the sky. We do our best to get everyone to participate and try at least a loop and roll on their own. But it’s up to you to do as much or as little as you like. If you’re happy, we’re happy. It’s that simple. Maybe, you would like to fly again?

Aerobatic Instruction

All aerobatic course are tailored to the skill and experience level of the student. However, even for some advanced students we find it necessary to return to the basic study of clean lines and angles since a solid foundation is fundemental to flying a well displayed figure and gain the most performance from your aircraft. This is part of a building block methodology used to advance your skill and develop more complex figures.

For beginners, typical lessons start with loops, angles (leading into cuban eights and other variants of the figure), rolls, and the vertical line. From these basic ingredients we develop aerobatic sequences and routines and develop into advanced aerobatics.

We offer basic through advance aerobatic instruction. Want to know more or ask questions? Head over to our contact page and send us a message. We’ll get back to you quickly and can discuss your specific needs in detail.

The Machine • Extra 300LP

The Extra 300L and 300LP are 300 horsepower chromoly steel tube and composite built aerobatic aircraft. Both have two seats and provide an excellent all round platform for aerobatic performance and cross country flying stability. Stable enough for novice pilots and non-pilots to enjoy their first flights in, yet with the ability to give dazzling performances in the right hands. The 300LP utilizes lightweight carbon honeycomb fuselage shells as well as a redesigned lightweight cowling. The EA-300LP has the unmatched JAA and FAA certification load-factor to plus/minus 10 g’s with an ultimate load limit of plus/minus 23 g’s. This is a Formula-1 race car for the sky, just like you’ve seen in the RedBull Air Races.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the advanced and unlimited flight options? The unlimited option allows you to experience the sensation of flying backwards and tumbling though the sky. Such figures are not included in the advanced flight option. That’s the only difference.

Is this a real flight, not a simulation? You bet your fanny. This is the real deal. You will fly in a real, 200MPH, 23g, Formula-1 racer in the sky.

I understand I will get to fly and will take the controls in my hands, flying maneuvers on my own. Is this true? You got it captain. You get to pick exactly what it is you want to do and we will teach you how to fly all the maneuvers you are capable of. We take off and land but the rest of the aerobatic flight is up to you! Or, you can sit back and do nothing and we’ll take you for the aerobatic ride of your life. Its all up to you.

How long have you been in business and flying aerobatics? We gave our first commercial aerobatic ride in 1995 and began our company in 1996. Our founder started flying at the age of nine. Our aerobatic flight team has accumulated more than thirty medals and trophies in aerobatic competitions as well as earning title of South East Aerobatic Champion three years in a row. We are the longest operating and most experienced aerobatic company in the Orlando / Central Florida area and perhaps the southern states. We are also the only company offering aerobatic rides in truly unlimited aerobatic aircraft with unparalleled safety and expertise.

Do gift certificates expire? Yes, gift certificates are good for no more than six months from date of purchase unless arranged otherwise.

Can I pay with a credit card? Yes, we will invoice you via e-mail and you can use your credit card or PayPal and pay securely to reserver your slot. We also take credit card and cash onsite. If paying cash please make prior arrangement and bring exact change. We do not keep cash for change on site unless arranged otherwise.

How long does the typical flight last? There is no set time limit and you the passenger sets the pace, howevwer due to the intensity of aerobatic flight most people enjoy around thrity minutes. A typical aerobatic flight / ride can total forty-minutes from takeoff to landing.

How long does the entire aerobatic adventure take? From your arrival at our hangar until you depart for home or back to the theme parks, you can expect less than two hours. If you’re on a tight schedule we can easily have you on your way in under an hour, however we never like to rush our guests in the air or on the ground.

Where are the flights and rides conducted? We’re based at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport on the South East Ramp. We’re about a twenty-minute drive north of Orlando International Airport, thirty-minutes north of downtown Orlando, and forty-minutes north of the Walt Disney World® and Universal Studios® attrations area. For those coming in from the north we’re about 25 minutes south of Daytona and an hour drive south of St. Augustine.

Aerobatic flight is conducted about twelve miles northeast of the Sanford Airport which is about a five minute flight.

The weather isn’t looking so good. What do I do? It’s good that you noticed. If you’re about to drive to the Sanford Airport for your scheduled ride and you notice the weather isn’t looking too good, just give us a call and confirm. We do our best to not have you visit should we expect to reschedule your flight due to weather. Just call us in advance and make sure you’re not wasting a trip.

What you need to do

Visit our “contact us” page and enter the appropriate information. Don’t forget to select a flight option. Include any questions you may have in the space provided along with a preferred date to fly. If paying by credit card, we’ll invoice you via e-mail and you can pay electronically from home.
We will schedule your flight once payment is received and follow up with a confirmation email containing directions to our facility and contact information for your aerobatic flight crew chief.

All participants are required to read and sign a waiver of liability on site. You can review our waiver and booking policies here before scheduling.

Flight Options and Cost

Advanced Flight Demo $385
Explore your limits and experience advanced aerobatic flight. Loops, rolls, hammer heads, inverted flight … take the controls yourself and see if you have what it takes to be an extreme pilot. Flight averages 30 minutes but it’s up to you … how much can you take?

Unlimited Flight Demo $485
Go beyond loops, rolls, and hammerheads. Explore spins, tumbles, and gyroscopic maneuvers as you do it all on your unlimited aerobatic flight. Flight averages 30 minutes, but it’s up to you.

Gift Certificates
Choose a flight option from above and we’ll send out your certificate.

Aerobatic Instruction $525 / lesson
Each lesson is tailored to your specific areas of interest and study. For novice students we being with the building blocks of lines, angles, and pulls. We teach you the techniques to take home and build clean and precise aerobatic routines that win trophies.